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Family Business Specific Management Consulting

MBMC Consulting Private Limited is the leading consulting firm in India providing consulting services to Family Businesses and Owner Driven Businesses.

Each family business has its own characteristics, motivations and way of doing business; therefore it is essential to take a diagnostic approach that addresses the specific and unique qualities of the business. MBMC helps its clients to explore solutions for these family business related issues, based on the Family and Business perspective as well as the market trends, and works on the best course of action with implementation guidance that ensures the family business succeeds for generations.

Our Team is well conversant with the needs of such businesses and our consulting process empowers to develop a strategy that enables the actions necessary to foster company growth and innovation.

Core Values

>> Trust

>> Commitment

>> Honesty

>> Respect

>> Fair


Two visionary experts identified the need of strategic level support to Owner Driven Businesses mainly in sales and business development area. It was observed and realized that Indian Owner Driven Businesses are good at developing and manufacturing products. However, when it comes to sales and marketing, most of the companies have failed to succeed. Hence in 1999, Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhat and Mr. Sandesh Mestry started an advisory services organization under the banner of Synergy Communications. More than 120 companies benefitted from its services. Not very long, before these experts identified that, these companies will not grow without focused effort on people development and organization building. Hence they appointed an industrial psychologist to join the team and groom the owners and key personnel. Synergy Communications identified that the biggest hurdle for biz was to raise finance. And hence a team of experts from the finance domain was embedded into Synergy Communications. It was in 2007, when Synergy Communications was reborn as MBMC Consulting Private Limited.

MBMC'S Core Purpose

“To support business families to achieve sustainable growth that ensures business continuity and growth opportunities for the family members as well as employees.”

MBMC’s Bhag (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Leading Consultants for SME family businesses in India:

  • Family and Business Consulting
  • Learning and development to family business owners and their key employees
  • Career opportunities and grooming employees for key positions in the family business
  • Creating a platform for business families for sharing, learning and supporting through networking

Mr. Sandesh Vasant Mestry

MDP – Negotiations Skill Clinic,
IIM Ahmedabad
[email protected]

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Mr. Chandrashekhar Anant Bhat

B.Sc (Mathematics), DMM,
Certified Six Sigma
Green Belt Professional
[email protected]

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