Our family business consultants’ approach to working with family firms is grounded in business expertise and supported by a unique understanding and approach to family and business dynamics

Family Systems

Family Policies: Making policies and using them to make your business grow and make your family closer and stronger.

Conflict Resolution: Bringing deeply held issues to the surface and creating a comfortable space and skills to successfully move forward.

Family Constitution: Preparing a document, which specifies the relationship between the family and the business, and sets out guidelines for resolution of issues and how the business is to be managed.

Family Governance: Including processes for developing necessary principles, governance structures, policies, and procedures for long term family togetherness and vitality.

Succession Planning: Backed up by our own experience has demonstrated that each major transition/succession must pass through distinct stages and if any stage is ignored or not managed well, the transition will either falter or be unsuccessful. The stages are Attracting the Next Generation, Induction of the Next Generation, Working Together, Passing on the Baton and Staying Connected. It is strongly recommended that impartial advice is taken to assist the family through what is inevitably an emotionally charged and difficult process.

Family Systems

Resource Audit- A Complete Business Health Check: A full and thorough examination of the ‘ins and outs’ of your business, taking into account a detailed and comprehensive look at the internal functions, processes and overall health of a business.

Business Coaching/ Mentoring: Facilitating the development of your vision, mission, values and a roadmap of strategy, tactics, and accountability to align your enterprise with your goals.

Business Systems: Analysing, defining and designing the information architecture of organizations.

Business Structure: Set strategies for businesses and to control risks.

Business Processes: Providing organizations with a fresh perspective on their current business operations and identifying key improvement opportunities to enhance business performance and drive continuous improvement.

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